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1984 to 1988 Feldmühle AG – Stora Enso
W1 Assistant of production manager Lahnstein 
  PL manager coated two sides CPM 2 Uetersen
W1  PL manager PM/CM 5 Feldmühle Hagen - Kabel

1988 to 1993 Cartiera del Garda SpA                         

W2 Mill Manager Cartiere del Garda S.p.A

W3  1994 Huyck Austria GmbH Innovation  Manager

1995 bis 1997 Cartiere Fedrigoni S.p.A.                     

W4 Technical director of Fedrigoni S.p.A.

W5 1997 Start up Troubleshooting Sappi Blackburn

1998 -1999 Felix Schoeller jr. Holding GmbH & CoKG

W6 Project manager mill transformation at Neustadt

W6 Troubleshooting Technical Papers Inc. NY USA

1999 bis 2006 Arjo Wiggins SAS    

W7 CEO Arjo Wiggins Deutschland GmbH                

W7 Business Manager Technical Papers

2006 bis 2007 Kartogroup Spa Lucca, Italy              

W8 Mill Manager KG Deutschland GmbH

2007 bis 2009 Cham Paper Group AG                          

W 9 General Manager Cartiera di Carmingano SpA

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