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The extremely fast changing structure of the paper industry is creating often heavy exigency.



This support is addressed to the world wide speciality paper industry to insure the future. The idea is to assist to move faster or to see opportunities to enter in new segments of speciality papers.


You find a pillar with bright expertise in speciality paper products and usage of the facilities.  The target is to find new products or market niches in respect of local know how, capabilities of people and machines. Additionally you find good skills to improve the usability and efficiency of existing production lines.


Changes need courage and supervision, in combination with healthy pragmatism. At least in this moment you should have a supporting partner to find new challenges and to give a support for the follow up. We will seek out a way, where all your experience and approaches will be needed to strengthen a new challenge.


Here you find exceptional experts to create enthusiasm and a spirit of optimism of all collaborators, indispensable for a forceful change.

Daan Waubert de Puiseau Consulting  | info@paperconsulting.eu